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Hey! My name is Michael and I am a Product Designer based in Toronto, Canada. 🇨🇦

Before I dove into the world of designing digital experiences, I studied music and performed as a classical musician - singing was my specialty. Through music, I have had incredible experiences around the world, meeting inspiring artists, and gracing the stage of some unforgettable venues.

What drew me to UX Design was the need to blend creativity with analytical skills to solve complex and challenging problems. I found a lot of parallels between design and music: training as a musician is immensely process-driven, and you are constantly challenged to find new and unique interpretations of existing repertoire, and meaningful ways to connect with your audience.

I am fascinated by the possibilities of UX Design because it enables designers to leverage their uniquely-acquired creativity to connect directly with users and offer innovative solutions in the modern digital landscape.

I’ve spent the last 2 years working at Devbridge building custom digital experiences for our enterprise clients. Before that, I worked as a UX/UI Designer at a small marketing data start up in Toronto. Some of my projects can be seen in the Design work tab at the top of the page.

Outside of UX Design, I still work as a freelance vocalist, and enjoy making music and connecting with people whenever I can. I keep music in my life to inspire me as a Designer, and to help keep my creativity flowing.

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Singing brought me to tons of cool places, including here, to The Bund in Shanghai, China.

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